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I retained Kris’ paralegal services to assist with the intake of a major company’s global trademark portfolio that included more than 400 applications and registrations. The project required significant due diligence and processing of information and data. Kris managed the background on that for me and made sure my firm was in a position to handle the work without missing deadlines.

Kris also has added value to my business and services. She makes it easier and more efficient to service my clients. She is valuable like an employee is valuable. She’s diligent, accurate, and timely. Kris’ reliability is at least as valuable as her work itself. Kris also has great interpersonal skills, and is proactive and conscientious. I highly recommend her.


- Mike Heilbronner, IdeaLegal, P.C., Portland, Ore.

I specifically chose to work with Kris because, in addition to subject matter expertise, she excels at organization and project management. This helped me tremendously during a period of growth in my practice when I experienced a heavy demand for trademark and copyright work. Her organizational and project management skills saved me considerable time, which freed me up to function as an attorney and business owner. Having someone who was knowledgeable, accountable, and professional reduced my stress and raised the value of the service I provided my clients.

Kris added value to the service I provide my clients in several ways. She set up a system that allowed us to accurately monitor workflow progress on each of our trademark and copyright filings. She performed statutory research to make sure our paperwork and filings met the requirements of the Trademark Office, coordinated and followed through with clients to ensure that the next necessary action was taken, and performed preliminary knockout searches for mark availability and potential conflicts. Just on the basis of her due diligence and research, she was able to flag a series of substantive client issues that needed to be discussed and resolved.  All of this allowed me to provide a more responsive and thorough level of legal work to clients.

I would recommend Kris to another attorney without hesitation.  In addition to her expertise in trademark and intellectual property work, she is professional, sharp, thorough, and accurate. Her attention to detail is almost unparalleled. Kris is easy to get along with, she’s responsive, and comes prepared with suggestions on how to solve problems that have been identified. She’s really a key resource and absolute pleasure to work with.


- Rebecca Prien, Counsel to Creativity, Atlanta, GA

I retained Kris’ paralegal services after returning from maternity leave.  It was during a time of growth for my practice and I needed help with corporate and trademark work.

I first used Kris for a non-profit application and was blown away by her work – despite the fact that she hadn’t done that type of non-profit formation before.  She is clearly capable of executing projects in which she has little or no direct experience; putting together a non-profit is much more complicated than forming a regular corporation.  The application was about 150 pages.  I sent it to Kris and she did an impeccable job organizing, proofing, and finalizing the application.  She went way beyond what I was looking for…and kept the project moving forward to completion. What it cost me for all she did was well worth it. The application’s organization and presentation to the client were so much better than I could have done.

She does the same with trademark research.  Her research results are well organized, and I find her to be extremely fast. When I needed research done quickly for a client, I asked Kris if she could get it to me the next day. She changed her schedule around and got it to me within a few hours!

Having Kris is definitely a time saver. She keeps the ball rolling while I’m busy with other matters. I am able to provide better service to my clients as a result of working with her.

Kris is definitely a team player and looks to support me any way possible. When she went on vacation, she informed me beforehand and asked if there was anything I needed done before she left – not something you have to do when you have your own business.  I very much appreciated that. Some attorneys think it’s better to hire an in-house paralegal, but with Kris, I’m as informed as if she were here with me.

Kris has really reduced stress in both my personal and professional life. Delegating is definitely the way to go. You have to do it. I tell this to so many lawyers because they say, “Oh, I can’t afford it.” Support services like Kris’ are perfect because you can use them as little or as much as you’re able. As soon as you start delegating, you start to grow – almost immediately.  You have more time to spend on client matters, marketing, speaking, and other activities that bring in new clients.


- Rachel Rodgers, Rachel Rodgers Law Office, Phoenix, AZ

Please note: Services are not provided to the general public; work is only performed under the direction of licensed attorneys. Attorney standing with the appropriate state bar association will be confirmed prior to commencing work.

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