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Do you give 100% every time? Do you strive to be the best at what you do? 

Integrative Legal Support’s mission is to provide value-driven support to law firms and legal departments. We strive to provide exemplary service and support to the extent that our clients feel that the value and benefit of our support far exceed the cost. Satisfaction at every level is essential. Without client satisfaction, there is no client. If our clients aren’t satisfied, we’re not doing our job. We’re here to make our attorneys’ lives, and the lives of their staff, easier and more rewarding.

Integrative Legal streamlines processes and procedures to help enhance client satisfaction. As such, we’ve developed the following procedures and processes. Our contractors maintain the same beliefs, values, and practices in their own business:


  • Don’t take short cuts.
  • Pay attention to detail.
  • Follow all directions.
  • Follow client examples to the letter (i.e., if the client’s sample certificate of service has a signature block for the pleading attorney, don’t add a signature block for you on the work product being produced).
  • Check work product for completeness and accuracy before submission. Every time.
  • Do something extra; go the extra mile.
  • Produce exceptional-quality work product.
  • Bill only for work produced. This means:
    • Use a timer for absolute accuracy and maximum value. (You may be surprised.)
    • Stop the timer anytime a matter isn’t actively worked on. This includes stopping to answer the phone, switching to another matter, restroom and coffee breaks, etc.

This is our attorney [client], not an outside client; our goal is to maximize the value to our attorneys as much as possible to help them, to help their staff, to help them improve their practice, and to help them provide the best service possible to their clients.


  • Review tasks at time of assignment and notify immediately if there are any questions, or if guidance/clarification on instructions is necessary to complete the task.
  • Notify immediately if any problems are encountered.
  • Provide regular updates on larger assignments.
  • Notify immediately if the work will take longer than anticipated. (Delays are the exception, not the rule.)

Turnaround time

  • Turnaround time on everyday tasks is 24-48 hours: 
    • Same day is preferred.
    • 24 hours is standard.
    • 48 hours is a stretch.
    • For retainer clients, the ability to prioritize and re-prioritize to meet changing needs is a must.
  • For larger tasks and projects, provide a time estimate at the onset of the assignment.
    • Do not underestimate. It’s better to overestimate and deliver early than to underestimate and deliver late.

Security & Confidentiality

  • Work area/office spaces shall be privately maintained.
  • Physical documents shall be kept secure and inaccessible when not in use and returned or destroyed, as appropriate, when the related work is complete.
  • Electronic devices, media, and files containing or relating to client work shall be kept secure and inaccessible to others at all times.
  • Meetings, discussions, and conference calls with clients or regarding client work shall be held privately, in confidence.




Still interested? Check out our Current Opportunities page for opportunities currently available.

Please note that Integrative Legal operates under the same business model it provides to our clients. We do not follow the traditional employee model; we only work with independent legal professionals who maintain the same values we do in the support we provide our clients in a non-competitive, collaborative team atmosphere.

Please note: Services are not provided to the general public; work is only performed under the direction of licensed attorneys. Attorney standing with the appropriate state bar association will be confirmed prior to commencing work.

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