Corporate Legal Departments Benefit from Paralegal Services

Corporate Legal Departments urgently need our Paralegal Support:

Corporate legal departments face many of the same challenges as law firms. But corporate legal departments also have their very own set of challenges, including...

  • Increased workloads
  • Tighter budgets
  • Overseeing an increased number of legal matters for the corporation
  • Significant increases in litigation costs
  • Limited resources, requiring maximum use of the few resources available
  • A need to prove the department’s value to the corporation

Wall Street demands ever-increasing productivity from public companies, putting an emphasis on minimizing headcount.  Global economic conditions or aggressive competition may be squeezing the bottom line.  Perhaps the company is growing quickly, and there isn’t enough space for additional legal staff.  Could simply be a temporary surge in workload.  Or maybe someone is out sick or on vacation.  In all of these situations and more, the result is the same:  Too much work and not enough people.

The Solution: Paralegal Support Services

What if there was a way to have experienced, professional paralegal support available without adding staff?  What if they could assist headquarters, a subsidiary, or a branch?  Imagine how much help they could be to your attorneys and staff paralegals.  More and more, corporate legal departments are turning to paralegal support services to minimize cost and maximize value to the corporation. They outsource to try to mitigate increased workloads, to minimize administrative and labor costs, minimize litigation costs, do more with less, and provide top-level legal services to the corporation. That is why corporate legal departments, just like yours, come to us.

They understand the benefits of having an existing relationship with a trusted paralegal support company. They establish a relationship with us before the next crisis hits, so we are already a seamless part of the team when they need us most. As a skilled attorney, you recognize the importance of being well prepared for the unexpected, and realize it is best to establish a working relationship with us as soon as possible.

Begin integrating us into your team’s workflow. 
Simply fill out the consultation request to the left so we can discuss your specific needs and prepare to provide exactly the help you need.

Not yet sure you are ready for paralegal services?

Take a few minutes and think about all the matters the department is handling for the corporation.  Then consider the staff attorneys’ current workloads and the workloads of the support staff.  Write down how they have changed during the past year.  Then note how the department’s morale has changed during the past year.  Quickly note several things our professional paralegal support can handle for you to alleviate that situation.  Then note the positive effects using our paralegal support will have on the department’s performance, corporate satisfaction, staff morale, and more.

As you review the list, realizing all the ways your corporation can benefit from professional paralegal support, imagine how much better the department will perform because you are working with us. 

When you are ready, simply fill out the consultation request to the left or call us toll-free at (888) 4-Lgl-Svc (888-454-5782).  Our expert paralegal services, systems assessments, and recommendations will rectify whatever challenges your firm or legal department face.

Please note: Services are not provided to the general public; work is only performed under the direction of licensed attorneys. Attorney standing with the appropriate state bar association will be confirmed prior to commencing work.

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