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Two of us resigned as partners in a larger firm and established our own sole practitioner practices. Since we were starting from scratch, we needed to set up our own accounting systems, document management systems, legal research licenses, and all the administrative things necessary to successfully run a firm.

Kris came in and created all those systems for us and made them happen smoothly and efficiently.  The processes and procedures she created allowed us to make full use of our technology, which significantly expedited the workflow.  I was very satisfied with her recommendations. We changed the way we did some things, which was a challenge after practicing for 30 years, but the end result was well worth it.

One of the services her company provided us with was an Operations and Procedures Manual. It gives me and any support staff I hire specific instructions on how to do anything we need to successfully manage the practice. I don’t have to sit down and explain procedures to bookkeepers, administrative help, or even another paralegal. I just give them the instructions and tell them here’s how we do it.

I also greatly appreciated Kris’s willingness to accept a retainer agreement. It helped with our cash flow, but more importantly, it saved me the administrative headache of tracking her time and making sure it was properly allocated.

Kris is a delightful person to work with – very professional, super organized. We could both be working remotely and things still happened in a timely manner. She was always responsive and on time, and always kept me on time, so there was never a concern about missing a deadline.  Her attention to detail is critical in law practices like ours where we have a lot of complex cases.

I would highly recommend Kris’s company to anyone who wants to work more efficiently and who needs to improve their firm’s workflow processes – and I have.  We intend to continue using her company’s paralegal support services as we need them.


- David C. Loeb, Law Office of David C. Loeb, New Orleans, LA

After more than 20 years of working in law firms, I began a solo practice, a scenario for which I had no experience. I literally had to start from scratch. To be fully operational and functioning efficiently required a lot of things, including billing, accounting, and records keeping systems. Kris was able to set up all of these systems in a timely manner, and had them operating efficiently and effectively. Kris’ ability to set up all these systems in short order allowed me to spend more hours working on behalf of my clients and not spend hours creating all of these systems from scratch. As part of her consulting services, she also wrote an office Procedures Manual for me. It gives clear and concise instructions for any new hire on how my office procedures and systems operate. This saves me hours of time that I can better spend serving my clients.

I like Kris. She’s extremely pleasant. And she did an incredible job. That’s the bottom line. She did everything that I needed her to do – and more. I highly recommend Kris and her consulting services. In fact, my brother’s company hired her company based on my recommendation.


- Daniel E. Zelenka, II, Daniel E. Zelenka, II, A Professional Law Corporation, New Orleans, LA

Please note: Services are not provided to the general public; work is only performed under the direction of licensed attorneys. Attorney standing with the appropriate state bar association will be confirmed prior to commencing work.

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