Agency Legal Departments Benefit from Paralegal Services

Agency Legal Departments urgently need our Paralegal Support:

Local, state, and federal agencies and institutions are grappling with some of the deepest budget cuts in our country, and their legal departments—while charged with more legal matters than ever —are no exception.

Today, these legal departments face a number of unique challenges, including…

  • Unprecedented case loads
  • An appreciable backlog of files
  • Deep budget cuts
  • Hiring freezes
  • Inadequate staffing levels
  • The need to do more with less

Unfortunately, this has become a long-term, rather than short-term, event for agencies. What many had hoped would be budget cuts for “just one more year, until the economy turns around” has turned into a decade-plus adventure.  This surge in workload is multiplied whenever someone is out sick or on leave.  The simple result is too much work and not enough people to do it well. The stress of the constant “triage mentality” required to manage priorities, constantly shifted by unhealthy amounts of urgency overriding strategically important projects, compounds the adverse effects of lean staffing.

Agencies have made various attempts to address budgeting, staff, and workflow issues, including re-delegation of tasks; re-classification of job duties, descriptions, and titles; departmental and organizational restructuring; and, use of temporary staffing services. And while reorganization can help distribute workflow processes more evenly, it doesn’t change the mass amount of work that still exists or the continual influx of new legal matters.

The solution: Paralegal Support Services

To overcome some of these issues, many agency legal departments have begun bridging the gap with contract paralegal services.  The key is to ensure you are working with a professional paralegal support company that understands the challenges and nuances of agency work.  Since we clearly understand the unique character of agency work, it is easy to imagine how much help we will be to your attorneys and staff paralegals.  The extra help and support you need, when you need it the most, without the expense and burden of adding staff.  That is why agency legal departments, just like yours, come to us.

They understand the benefits of having an existing relationship with a trusted paralegal support company. They establish a relationship with us before the next crisis hits, so we are already a seamless part of the team when they need us most. As a skilled attorney, you recognize the importance of being well prepared for the unexpected, and realize it is best to establish a working relationship with us as soon as possible.

Our support services are an easy addition to the budget since they fall under a classification different from employees.  They also cost a fraction of what employees cost and are considerably more economical than staffing firms. Agencies utilize our paralegal support for short-term and long-term assignments to suit the needs of the agency. If the need continues, the agency simply extends the contract into the next budget period.

Begin integrating us into your team’s workflow. 
Simply fill out the consultation request to the left so we can discuss your specific needs and prepare to provide exactly the help you need.

Not yet sure you are ready for Paralegal Support?

Take a few minutes and think about all the legal matters your department is handling.  Then consider the staff attorneys’ current workloads and the workloads of the support staff.  Write down how they have changed during the past year.  Then note how the department’s morale has changed during the past year.  Quickly note several things our professional paralegal support can handle for you to alleviate that situation.  Then note the positive effects using our paralegal support will have on the department’s performance, employee satisfaction, staff morale, and more.

As you review the list, realizing all of the ways your agency can benefit from professional paralegal support, imagine how much better the department will perform because you are working with us.

When you are ready, simply fill out the consultation request to the left or call us toll-free at (888) 4-Lgl-Svc (888-454-5782).  Our expert paralegal services, systems assessments, and recommendations will rectify whatever challenges your firm or legal department face.

Please note: Services are not provided to the general public; work is only performed under the direction of licensed attorneys. Attorney standing with the appropriate state bar association will be confirmed prior to commencing work.

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